Some people say sex robots will take over the world. They worry that supernatural stimuli could rewrite our sexual expectations and reform our deepest desires.

Meanwhile, others think artificial intelligence will revolutionize the way humans have an orgasm. SexTech innovations are already controversial, but that doesn’t change how thrilling they are.

Erotic robotics answer questions our bodies have been asking for millennia.

For example, robots for sex can provide customizable sensations and create vivid visuals. And since it’s impossible to find a partner who will have sex on-demand, these machines make the cut.

They also offer a level of convenience not found in everyday relationships.

A.I. sex toys remove many social barriers surrounding sexual orientation, intimate expression, and romantic interactions. They help support the shy guy and get the ladies’ man ready for round two.

High-tech pleasure usually involves tailored stimulation and real-time relations.

In other words, sex robots are intuitively DEI compliant.

Imagine a world where you could buy a realistic robot based on your unique preferences. Then picture yourself forcing the machine to perform disgusting sex acts without complaint.

These devices make fantasy fulfilment safer and more accessible regardless of sexual orientation, physical ability, or experience.

So, should you be horrified or horny? Let’s find out.

Welcome to the Sex Tech Revolution

Sex Tech and erotic robots are controversial topics.

However, that’s likely because they’re relatively new. Sex robotics also flies in the face of everything we thought we knew about the human sexual experience.

As it turns out, not everyone needs a living partner to feel satisfied.

Moreover, most manufacturers design their products to provide out-of-this-world sensations. They generally base the features on each user’s desires, body type, and range of motion.

Their devices can vary in size, shape, form, color, price, and performance depending on the complexity.

You can have anything from an app-compatible kiss transmitter to a full-size sex doll with realistic genitals and a bendable skeleton.

Unfortunately, many people shudder at the thought of having sex with a robot. Somehow they feel like it makes them less desirable to the human population, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s all relative.

Using traditional sex toys is no different because both activities rely on the user’s imagination.

It’s also kind of ridiculous to expect our partners to spread eagle as soon as we snap our fingers. We get fewer hours of practice, biased feedback, and guilt trips when we have sex with other people.

Robots require less but deliver so much more, and horny folks inherently understand that value.

In yesterday’s post, I asked how many of you guys would have sex with a robot if it was indistinguishable from a hot human woman. About 95% of hetero guys said they would. The other 5% expressed a strong preference for lying.” – Scott Adams

The key is to stop imagining R2D2 when you think of a sex robot. This revolution is not limited to massive, complicated computers and 3D digital experiences.

You can keep it simple with a lap-sized Autoblow A.I. or take your sex life to the next level with a moaning mechanical clone. Don’t let anyone scare you out of a fantastic orgasm.

What Is a Sex Robot?

The future of sex is upon us, and it’s populated by sexy robots. These machines feature various settings and performance modes designed to stimulate the genitals and pique the senses.

Products are either anatomically correct or have neutral components to promote sexual fluidity. Your robot can be every lover all at once or one lover all the time.

Artificial intelligence allows us to integrate different erotic qualities for more satisfying sensations.

We can specify features, tweak the performance, and experience realistic stimulation with swift precision.

Sex Tech robots give us the freedom to express ourselves without judgment or consequence, making masturbation and intercourse more rewarding.

Robotic lovers can be as unique as the people who buy them. Some let customers choose various options such as orifice, skin color, hairstyle, and wardrobe.

Other sex robots are handheld and perfect for discreet traveling. Those allow for customization of the openings, sleeve textures, and pleasure modes.

However, they all share these standard features:

  • Mechanical Components
  • Automatic Motors
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Push-Button Control
  • Ergonomic Designs
  • Hypoallergenic Materials

Many modern robots for sex also have built-in Bluetooth connectivity, VR-compatible interfaces, and app-ready operating systems. A few moan when you penetrate, some get wet, and others predict your favorite setting using sophisticated algorithms. Handsfree sex machines are the next big thing, second only to virtual porn.

NOTE: Some devices let you sync 3D XXX content for a live, real-time session with yourself, a partner, or a performer.

Top Sex Robot Types

The future of robotic exotics is anyone’s guess. Although some people refuse to jump on the bandwagon, many embrace the evolution of intimacy.

Product developers continually search for new ways to integrate technology into the modern bedroom while supporting holistic relationships.

Thus, you’ll find countless designs from dozens of brands.

The concept of Sex Tech includes intuitive mechanics and advanced software.

Manufacturers are already integrating scientific research into their new models. Companies can also create sex robots that move, sound, and feel like genuine human lovers.

Their kinky innovations push out conventional products and beg questions we’ve never asked before.

Meanwhile, the average Joe gets to take their pick of the following five robot types:

#1. Robotic Strokers

Products like the Autoblow A.I., The Handy, and Kiiroo Keon help bring Sex Tech to the mainstream. These automatic strokers are straightforward, user-friendly, and inexpensive.

They also promote sexual experimentation, albeit limited. Handheld strokers are perfect for stamina training, foreplay, couple’s fun, and simple pleasures.

NOTE: Most handhelds last for about 2-3 years with frequent use, and many come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

#2. Lap Buddies

The Fleshlight Universal Launch is a terrific example of a lap-sized sex-machine. It’s more complex than the typical handheld stroker but offers an uncomplicated experience.

Lap buddies are also perfect for long-distance relationships, fantasy fulfilment, and edging.

However, these devices are expensive compared to traditional toys, and many require an additional purchase of supplies or accessories.

NOTE: Many lap buddies have long lifespans, and you can usually swap the texture if you get bored.

#3. Sex Torsos

Sex torsos give you a love doll’s sensory and visual pleasure without all the extra weight. They’re compact versions of the most naughty parts, and they come in male or female forms.

These devices are usually packed with unique features, including heated cores, lifelike breasts, and detailed genitals.

People prefer them over other products because of their versatility.

NOTE: The lifespan of a torso for sex depends on how you use it, but most last for several years.

#4. Twerking Butts

A twerking butt uses artificial intelligence to create a realistic experience that leaves room for a lover. These couples-friendly devices feature automatic movements and skin-like textures.

Some also have self-heating canals, built-in audio, and removable sleeves.

They’re perfect for endurance exercises, but some use them for pre-game prep and accomplishing intimacy goals.

NOTE: You can use these sex robots with or without the mechanical features.

#5. Full-Size Love Dolls

Lifelike sex dolls are some of the most expensive pleasure products available.

However, they’re also the most exciting. You can tailor the outfits, specify physical features, determine the canal texture, and customize pleasure settings.

Many have dual entry points, squeezable breasts, and juicy body parts worth exploring.

So, they’re best for long-term use by avid masturbators, collectors, and curators.

NOTE: Sex dolls aren’t just for singles anymore. Many provide features perfect for couples.

A.I. intimacy means more enjoyment and enhanced orgasm options. They can improve your love life, strengthen your body, and put your mind at ease.

Unfortunately, they can also threaten your relationships and leave you expecting extreme stimulation regardless of the situation or partner.

Pros & Cons of Sex Robots

The current sexual revolution marks a new era in human pleasure.

However, there are several potential problems involving Sex Tech in the bedroom. Many people can’t enjoy intense sensations responsibly.

So, they may react negatively to partners after playing with A.I. That’s why it’s essential to consider the pros and cons before spending your money.

The robot revolution is upon us, and we all need to be prepared. The 4th International Conference of Love and Sex with Robots just ended, but you can still stay ahead of the trend.

Here is what you need to know:


  • You can use A.I. to simulate specific scenarios.
  • What you do to your toys is only your business.
  • There are no time limits or expectations.
  • Practice is perfect with zero distractions.
  • Sex robots could work as an alternative to birth control.
  • It’s easy to create customized stimulation.
  • Sex Tech often uses teledildonics for remote play.
  • Devices typically fit all penis sizes.
  • Machines use skin-safe materials for safe sex.


  • Products are disproportionately focused on men.
  • A.I. could possibly reduce motivation for meaningful connection.
  • Sensations can desensitize the genitals with excessive use.
  • Masturbation frequency does not guarantee better sex.
  • There may be a slight learning curve for some users.
  • You might have to buy extra equipment to play.

Do sex robots mark the demise of intimate relationships in the real world? Some fear they do, and others think the Sex Tech revolution is right on time.

Regardless of which side you’re on, one thing is clear. A.I. is making sexual gratification more accessible for everybody.

DID YOU KNOW: There’s currently a campaign against sex robots.

However, more people are in favor of teledildonics in a digital world.

Teledildonics & the Human Connection

In 2007, a movie came out called “Lars and the Real Girl.” In it, the star falls in love with a sex doll and forces his loved ones to accept her as an authentic human partner.

It demonstrates the benefits of simulated sex but creates a false perception of erotic alternatives. People automatically assume you can’t have intimacy with an inanimate object, and they’re right…partially.

According to psychologists, a person can become attached to a love doll or sex toy depending on how they use it.

Their reasons are also critical. Using pleasure-enhancers is a terrific way to establish, maintain, and improve relationships with real people.

Enjoy erotic robotics responsibly, and nobody gets hurt.

People who use teledildonics, A.I., and sex robots are generally more satisfied than their traditionally sexed counterparts.

Meanwhile, the convenience of robotics marks the end of many painful social interactions. Couples no longer have to argue over crucial concerns, taking their frustrations out on machines instead.

So, these sexual innovations could hinder some relationships while helping others thrive.

Another example of how love is transcendent is the 2013 movie “Her.”

The leading actor becomes infatuated with a digital voice, finding satisfaction in meaningful rather than sensual interactions.

Like on the TV show “Love Is Blind,” the human heart proves capable of embracing rarities for the promise of pleasure.

Thus, sex robots are probably here to stay. Let’s hope they never get the right to vote.

Choosing the Best Sex Robot

The best sex robots aren’t always easy to find. You must explore many options and consider several minor details before committing.

Simply understanding what Sex Tech is all about will not be enough. As innovations continue evolving, your knowledge has to increase in tandem.

The ever-changing atmosphere can make shopping a challenge.

Choosing the best robot for sex means keeping an open mind, not necessarily an ample bank account.

These products range in price and fluctuate in availability. Supply drives demand, so get yours while it’s hot.

Meanwhile, follow these three steps to find what you need:

Step One: Consider Your Lifestyle

Particular details about your life might make sex robot selection more difficult. You have to think about specific things to avoid picking something pointless.

No two Sex Tech devices are the same, but neither are the people who buy them. Therefore, consider these:

  • Schedule – How much time do you have to play with and maintain your stuff?
  • Sexual Health – Are you capable of handling the intensity of a sex robot?
  • Physical Condition – What is your range of motion and endurance?
  • Relationship Status – How does your partner feel about using high-tech sex toys?
  • Living Situation – Do you have the space and privacy for this purchase?

Pick something that suits your hectic lifestyle, supports your mental and physical health, and promotes intimacy in your relationship. If all else fails, find a device you can hide easily.

Step Two: Understand Your Preferences

It’s okay to want something different from your partner.

Other people’s sexual orientation and preferences have nothing to do with your libido. Couples can come together and experience bliss separately with innovative inanimates.

However, individuals must think of these crucial factors first:

  • Pleasure Settings – How do you want to feel when playing with your toys?
  • Performance Features – What amenities and design elements do you need?
  • Appearance – How would you like your device to look?
  • Convenience – Which obstacles do you want to avoid?
  • Comfort Level – Are you prepared to experience something new?
  • Discretion – How will you hide your machine from prying eyes?

Choose a product that gives you plenty of pleasure options and room to grow. The best part about A.I. is that it learns as it goes, making masturbation and couple’s play less boring.

You can enjoy the same toy for several years, but only if you pick the right one.

Step Three: Think of the Budget

Owning a sex robot is no joke, and it’s not for people with restricted assets. Even the low-cost devices require an extra investment past the initial purchase.

You must weigh your wallet against your desires to find the perfect match. Also, consider these crucial things:

  • Primary Equipment Costs – Is the base price of your favorite product affordable?
  • Accessories – Can you buy the necessary fixtures to have a satisfactory experience?
  • Cleaning Supplies – Do you have the cash for a top-quality sex toy cleaner?
  • Maintenance Fees – How much does upkeep cost on your number one choice?
  • Membership Dues – Are you expected to pay extra for access to adult content?
  • Storage – Does it cost more to store your sex robot in a specific way?
  • Replacement Parts – What is the price of extra components and upgrades?
  • Warranties – Does the manufacturer cover factory damages and internal parts?

Most manufacturers offer limited insurance on their stuff, but you have to register for coverage.

Meanwhile, they usually don’t fix damages caused by the user, and they seldom provide spare parts for free.

Prepare to spend at least 10-20% more than the sticker price for an excellent product.


You can’t look the Sex Tech revolution in the eye and honestly say you’re unaffected.

Erotic robotics is coming for us all, and many smart sex devices are already here.

They cause an automatic stir in the sex toy industry, with advocates on either side of the spectrum. But according to Love and Sex with Robots, the positive impact is becoming increasingly evident.

You can find sex robots in every shape, size, and color.

Choose automatic strokers, lap buddies, torsos, twerking butts, or full-size love dolls, depending on your preference.

Products range in complexity and price, giving you more control over your involvement with artificial intelligence.

Are you ready for your slice of the A.I. pie?…

My raw vagina got old to my boyfriend a long time ago. We basically fuck like rabbits, so statistically, we should have gotten sick of each other about three weeks into our relationship.

I think we’re still going strong because of the sex toys we eventually brought into the picture. He thinks it’s because my crotch is still the business.

Either way, hands-free male masturbators have changed the game for both of us (and my chaffed vajeen), so let’s talk about it because my friends won’t listen and my mom thinks I’m weird.

What is a Hands Free Male Masturbator?

Really quick, I need to clarify what a hands-free jerkoff machine for men is (and is NOT). It is not a manual sex toy because it features self-driven motors that deliver a wide range of different sensations.

However, it can act as a manual device if you get clever with it or run out of power. And if you’re anything like my boyfriend and I, you probably need all the time you can get.

A sex toy for men is supposed to be designed for targeted penile pleasure, but automatic playthings are in a league of their own.

With integrated vibrating mechanisms, oral sex simulating thrusters, and NASA-worthy syncing technologies, some of these contraptions are more perverted than they are practical.

Meanwhile, here are my 10 top favorites (or I should say: “…the 10 male sex toys that made my boyfriend squeal like a little girl.”).

The 10 Best Hands Free Male Masturbators In 2022:

These ten men’s sex toys have graced my bedroom and ruined my freshly washed sheets more times than I can count:

#1. The Kiiroo Keon Hands Free Male Sex Toy


My man went hunting with his friends for a whole week and didn’t need shit. But the moment he took a business trip out of town, he insisted on using the Kiiroo KEON.

I don’t know if it’s because he was jealous of my free time or not. All I know is that the KK is down with OPP so we played with it for hours. The motors are packed inside a sleek, masculine frame that’s more than meets the eye.

In fact, this sexy beast is the brand’s newest virtual reality masterpiece equipped with Bluetooth technology.

You can use it with or without a partner, so I’m pretty sure I know why he didn’t answer some of my texts while he was gone.

The device syncs with one of the world’s largest interactive XXX libraries to stream high-definition 2D and 3D images straight to your brain. And since it also uses motion sensors, the user can experience real-time stimulation with or without a live partner to play with.

It even works with most of Kiiroo’s interactive lineup (including a few sexy treats for women).

PRO: It can stroke the penis at speeds of up to 230 pumps per minute.

CON: You may need some extra skills or equipment to use this sucker properly.



#2. The Handy



The Handy was like nothing either one of us had ever seen or used before. It reminded me of a deconstructed device but it functioned like a full-fledged hero.

For instance, the part that pumped his penis was on the outside of the motor, sort of how the fuselage is located on the outside of a rocket ship before takeoff.

This one didn’t disconnect right as he was blasting away, though. The two components stayed together to perform feats of momentary excellence on my boyfriend’s crotch and at my command.

He can use it by himself too, and I know that because he does it all the time.

Luckily for me, he also likes to play a little game called “Find the Sweet Spot” where I control the stroke lengths until his legs start shaking like a grateful puppy. We appreciate the one-size-fits-all approach as well.

My man’s dick swells tremendously when he uses a penis pump or cock ring, so we sometimes need a device that’s accommodating enough for that phenomenon.

PRO: You can get this beast to run at up to 600 pumps per minute (or 10 pumps per second).

CON: The attached motor can get in the way during certain activities and/or positions.


#3. The Autoblow A.I. Hands Free Masturbator



We heard of this toy from one of our “peculiar” friends so we knew instantly that it was good. As it turns out, the dude has excellent taste.

The Autoblow A.I. is the first of its kind – an automatic blowjob machine that uses artificial intelligence to sort of guess how you’d like to be sucked off.

Inside the ample, skin-like chamber is a series of pleasure rings that move up and down the shaft at adjustable speeds. And when I used it on my boyfriend, he told me I didn’t have to give him head ever again.

There was more to it than that, though. This powerful machine didn’t even need batteries or recharging. It plugged directly into our nearest outlet and then went to town.

We could use it in any position imaginable, but we only discovered the Autopilot mode after several sessions.

Much to our surprise, we could “set it and forget it” like a fucking rotisserie oven and play with other toys and/or body parts at the same time.

It’s one of the easiest devices to clean too, with a pull-out sleeve that’s virtually indestructible.

PRO: It comes in several sizes with different sleeve designs for easy customization.

CON: We couldn’t enjoy the show because of the bulky design that features zero windows.

#4. The Lovense Max 2


My boyfriend and I adore all the latest sextech innovations, but some of the stuff out there is straight-up complicated.

Fortunately, the Lovense Max 2 was just as sleek and streamlined as its predecessor.

While it’s not the most powerful toy on the market and certainly not featuring the most cutting-edge technology, it is still app-controlled for long-distance play and that’s exactly what we used it for.

My man was especially a fan of the adjustable suction vent because apparently neither I nor any toy on Earth can suck his dick hard enough.

As for me, the best part was exploring the 10 performance settings that are built right into the device. There are three for automatically controlling the suction power and then seven more to manage the vibration intensity.

Each one is manipulated through an ergonomic push-button interface on the side, and the delicately textured, non-anatomical opening meant an even smoother ride for everyone on board.

We ran its battery straight into the ground with a three-hour marathon fuck session which culminated in the heaviest sleep of my entire life. You don’t forget something like that.

PRO: It can connect to the Lovense Nora or another Max 2 for some kinkier shit.

CON: You can’t use it with any 2D or 3D porn databases for VR fantasy fulfillment.

#5. The Arcwave Ion


It was supposed to be a slow, relaxing night but it turned into one of the greatest sex stories ever told. The star was the Arcwave Ion and my man’s penis was the damsel in distress.

This thing blew my dude into oblivion and I mean that as literally as possible. The concept is to enjoy forced air stimulation on the most sensitive parts of the user’s crotch, with the focus primarily on the frenulum – or, as I like to call it, “the male clitoris.”

By doing so, it can produce sensations that are as close to the female orgasm as humanly possible (so far).

We set out to casually scroll through the eight pleasure settings, but if I remember correctly, we only made it through three before my man needed a breather.

We found out about the Smart Silence feature that way because our ignorant asses thought it was broken.

Truth is, it conserves its own battery by turning off until it comes within a certain distance of dick skin.

So, he not only got to experience what a woman feels when she gets off but he also became an environmentalist overnight. Is this feminism?

PRO: It’s open-ended so you don’t have to worry about a lengthy cleanup session when you’re done.

CON: There’s absolutely no suction possible with Pleasure Air Technology™.

#6. The Fun Factory Manta


It didn’t look like much when we brought it home, but neither did our cat and now we love him. The Fun Factory Manta is a handheld contraption that I wouldn’t have pegged as being such a tremendous sex toy.

The U-shaped tip and its flexible flaps fit perfectly over my boyfriend’s shaft, and the little ridges in the middle helped stretch our lube supply quite a bit as well. If you think it looks like a tuning fork for your penis, you’re correct.

As far as we can tell, it’s the only way to channel a decent orgasm when your dick is being stubborn.

Ok, so full disclosure: my boyfriend and I started using sex toys because he suffers from occasion erectile dysfunction and that gives me vaginal dryness (and a headache).

So, stuff like this is especially exciting on those nights when his dick doesn’t do what it’s told.

The best part is that all twelve vibration speeds and patterns are also deliverable to my vagina, which meant we typically sandwiched it between our bodied to experience simultaneous orgasms until the battery died or our backs gave out.

PRO: You can use it with other toys and in any position imaginable.

CON: It just vibrates on a specific part of your body and that’s all. Nothing fancy.

#7. The Kiiroo TITAN


The Kiiroo brand is known for making high-end sex toys for men and women, with compatibility across the board and some of the best technologies in the industry.

So, we weren’t surprised to find the TITAN sitting on store shelves calling our names like sirens.

It’s an app-controlled penis stroking machine that features a removable sleeve with a one-of-a-kind texture.

There are a few built-in pleasure settings too, but the good part happens when you sync it via Bluetooth to another Kiiroo toy for long-distance play.

You can also hook it up to the compatible media library for XXX content and fantasy fulfillment.

My boyfriend says the VR quality is incredible, but he’ll never let me see because he’s greedy.

As a consolation prize, he sometimes connects it to my smart phone and then puts me in the driver’s seat. And since I already own a few items from this brand’s lineup, it’s nothing for me to pull out a compatible device and enjoy a real-time climax without ever touching his body. COVID-free, my friends.

PRO: It’s basically Kiiroo’s version of a universal remote for your dick.

CON: We’re still waiting on more compatible devices to help keep things fresh.

#8. The Fleshlight Universal Launch



It used to be huge; now it’s sleek. It once was reserved for a specific kind of insert; now it works with them all.

The new Universal Launch by Fleshlight has been an absolute treat in our relationship, especially since our first few years were spent collecting high-end sex toys from well-known brands.

Like the one before it, this device works in several different ways to deliver intuitively customizable stimulation through a clever combination of Bluetooth, VR, robust rocker arms, and a whole lot of fire power.

It can hold any male masturbator that the brand makes, including all of the specialty models from the Fleshlight Babes and Fleshjack Boys™ collections.

There’s also a smart phone mount for watching your favorite porn videos online or through the compatible app/XXX database.

We couldn’t decide what to do first, so we called off of work and took it for a test drive. And although we may have gotten in trouble with our boss, we know now that this streamlined update put the “FUL” in “fantasy FULfillment.”

PRO: There’s practically no limit to the things you can do, places you can go, or things you can feel.

CON: You’re going to need a bunch of extra equipment and several strokers to use this thing.

#9. The LELO F1s


“Oh, so it’s like a video game for your dick,” my boyfriend said as he slid his penis into the smooth, gaping orifice of the high-tech LELO F1s. It’s the first of its kind to allow the user full control of his own masturbation experience.

From the variable vibration patterns, the scalable intensity levels, and the tailored session duration, nothing says, “Come play with me” like a sex toy that can speak.

This one doesn’t say anything, though; it just jingles on Mr. Bojangles until the cows come home.

My man hopped inside to sense the sonic waves and wound up sitting in his favorite chair all night tweaking the settings to his liking.

I tried to remind him that the functions can be controlled manually but he didn’t listen. He just kept swiping away on the software development kit (SDK) gleaming through his smart phone app before shamelessly begging me to test it out on him. I obliged, got to wear some sweet ass fingerless gloves (included), and became bedroom famous for stroking more than my boyfriend’s ego that night.

PRO: You’re almost guaranteed an orgasm even if your dick doesn’t always behave.

CON: It may be a bit too complex for newbies or for people who are unfamiliar with new technologies.

#10. The Kiiroo Onyx Plus


It’s the third generation Onyx, so you already know we’ve tried all three. This one (the Onyx+) offers a completely redesigned motor that rotates in a non-stop up and down motion to simulate the sensations of intercourse.

Obviously, it’s not as good as my pussy, but I have tons of competition with the FeelMe™ site compatibility. I’m constantly catching ole boy whetting his whistle to the interactive porn content. And since we bought VR goggles to enjoy our other toys, he always has them ready when using this one.

He says it’s because the online realism is on-point, but I think it’s because the Kiiroo Onyx+ can travel at speeds of up to 140 strokes per minute.

That’s almost 2.5 strokes per second, which is far faster than either one of us could ever twerk. And the fact that he can also manipulate each integrated setting with the touch of his finger via the built-in touch-sensitive control pad makes him feel like the cock of the walk, I’m sure.

PRO: You can use this toy with nearly everything in the Kiiroo lineup.

CON: It may not accommodate all penis sizes.

By the way, choosing the right male masturbator is usually harder than my boyfriend’s dick right before we get it on, so take your time. There is no right or wrong answer here, and it’s perfectly fine to pick more than one.

Where To Buy The Best Hands Free Male Sex Toys:

Kiiroo – a high-tech male sex toy manufacturer that offers a quality line up of handsfree masturbators for men.

Handsfree Masturbator FAQs

Q: How am I supposed to clean one of these things?

A: Cleaning any kind of toy is crucial because the human body is disgusting and sex is messy.

Fortunately, most device manufacturers know that so they make their products user-friendly and easy to clean. So, just check the owner’s manual for specific care and maintenance details.

Meanwhile, understand that most toys require very little to maintain – a quick rinse with warm, fresh water and an ample spread of non-abrasive, hypoallergenic sex toy cleaner. There may also be some disassembly/reassembly required to properly clean yours, so pay attention. Either way, let your playthings dry completely before returning them to storage.

Q: Do I have to be a ninja to store it properly?

A: Although discretion and privacy are both extremely important to most people who play with toys, you don’t have to be a magician to store yours properly.

Usually, high-end automatic stroking machines come with their own storage containers.

The ones that don’t come with storage are either self-contained or there are bags and boxes available through the manufacturer.

The idea is to keep your stuff out of harm’s way – no direct sunlight, temperature-controlled environment, nestled inside its own bubble away from airborne bacteria and debris.

If you can cover all of those bases, you should be good to go.

Q: How do I know which type of lube to use?

A: The lubricant you choose has little to do with the toys you play with. It’s all about preference here but be sure the lube’s ingredients are compatible with both your skin and the device’s materials.

For example, you can’t use silicone-based lubrication on a silicone machine because it will ruin the exterior and possibly compromise the integrity of the toy.

Oil-based lubes are nice, but they can stain your bedding, they’re hard to wash off, and they don’t work on everything.

So, choose a water-based lubricant if you can because it offers all the features you need without damaging your stash or irritating your skin.

Q: Can a hands-free jerkoff machine hurt my dick?

A: Yes, you can get hurt if you use one of these things incorrectly or try to get too creative with your masturbation sessions.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions listed in the owner’s manual and respect …

Teledildonics is an enjoyable word to say and an even more pleasant product to experience. It’s a relatively new innovation that produces sexual satisfaction through intuitive technology. You can also use it for long-distance relationships and playful experimentation.

We didn’t always have these creative outlets for our perversions. The history of human sex is dotted with misunderstandings and missed opportunities. Only recently have experts discovered the female orgasm. And modern psychology is just now grasping the concept of physical intimacy.

Had we invented teledildonics in the past, it wouldn’t have mattered. Most folks didn’t have the knowledge to appreciate its value back then. This is prime time for people who want to experience sex toys with personality. Understanding sextech is essential if you crave a climax these days.

What Are Teledildonics?

Teledildonics is an umbrella term describing high-tech sex toys with interactive features. These devices use Bluetooth, mobile apps, and motion sensors to produce authentic sensations in real-time. Many people use tele-toys with distant partners or to fulfill their fantasies about amateur and professional performers.

Interactive sex toys often coordinate with virtual reality content and 3D porn, with live and pre-recorded options for exploration. SexTech is the name for this erotic robotic group, and the teledildos are perfect for multiple applications. They serve several purposes, from personal gratification to partner play and beyond. What the future holds is anyone’s guess.

The Three Functions of Teledildonic Technology

Enhance your sex life with teledildonic technologies and touch-sensitive features. Many devices intuitively respond to your body for a more relaxed experience. The lack of direct involvement can improve spontaneity to increase orgasmic frequency and intensity. However, incredible sex isn’t the only function.

Modern brands invented long-distance dongs and high-tech sex toys to solve age-old problems with human sexuality. Each device provides a tailored experience, answering different questions based on the user’s preference. Teledildonics is customizable in ways traditional sex toys never will be.

Sextech gives us modified functionality for the things we love the most, including these:

#1. Personalized Pleasure

Off-the-rack vibrators and dildos are classics. However, they usually don’t feature characteristics or settings for people on the far end of the sexual spectrum. You’re stuck with whatever the brand thinks you need, and they typically assume you need very little.

Traditional pleasure products are also plain, simple, and saddled with poor manufacturing. Many focus solely on looking the part and fail to perform realistically. Meanwhile, sextech lets you personalize the experience with various details, accessories, and compatible devices.

DID YOU KNOW: You can choose different materials, textures, and performance modes, then coordinate them with your favorite porn content or partner.

#2. Custom Couple’s Kink

Kinky couples can finally cross off some activities from their bedroom bucket lists. Tele-toys help partners express their desires even when their bodies don’t cooperate. People can create fun foreplay scenarios, enjoy roleplaying games, or approach sex according to their abilities.

Teledildonics is excellent for adults with limited mobility or sexual health problems. Those with erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation issues can use these devices to compensate for their shortcomings. Then both partners receive pleasure despite the obstacles.

DID YOU KNOW: Couples who play together stay together. Interactive sex toys can help strengthen bonds in a relationship.

#3. Safe Surfing

Browsing the internet for exciting porn content can be dangerous and frustrating. However, many teledildonic devices feature pre-programmed performance modes or compatible smartphone apps. The apps usually feature massive content libraries with a secure, encrypted connection.

Some even use lab-tested coding to mimic specific movements from XXX stars. Or they at least have the realistic textures to make you second-guess. High-end sextech frequently features molded materials or heated cores to simulate a fleshy gash. They help eliminate the need for questionable pornography.

DID YOU KNOW: Watching porn on loosely moderated sites can expose you to human sex trafficking. Enjoy XXX content via protected brands instead.

Parting is such sweet sorrow unless you have a teledildonic sex toy to share. Enhanced and convenient connectivity is the primary inspiration. Sextech provides more meaningful exchanges with every interaction. So the skeptics can fear the change, but people will always enjoy on-demand orgasms.

Pros & Cons of Teledildonics

Humankind has fantasized about high-tech sex toys since the first internet porn site launched. We’ve always wanted to experience intense orgasms without delays or stamina limitations. We just didn’t appreciate the cold, deadness of a handheld masturbator. We had our exes for that.

Teledildonics provided a key element to the masturbation manifesto. It opened pathways to pure pleasure with or without a partner. It also did things to our bodies that we assumed were impossible. However, some devices were bulky, and others remained that way.

Generally, teledildonic sex machines use ergonomics and anatomy to pinpoint specific nerve endings or produce a particular sensation. They’re like authentic human body parts with all the extras and none of the waste. Thus, some skeptics fear sextech is too good too soon.

Here are the pros and cons so you can decide:


  • Enhanced Orgasm Quality
  • Increased Orgasm Frequency
  • Convenient Satisfaction
  • Limitless Exploration
  • Fantasy Fulfillment
  • Customizable Pleasure
  • Real-Time Stimulation
  • Interactive Intimacy
  • On-Demand Gratification
  • Coordinated Collections
  • User-Friendly Interfaces
  • Discreet Designs
  • Manufacturer’s Warranties

Dildos and sex toys with interactive features help bring people together when they are apart. These devices can also help with mobility limitations and sexual performance problems like ED and Peyronie’s disease. Talk to your doctor for more information, and always use your toys as directed.


  • Possible Genital Desensitization
  • Learning Curves Ahead
  • Extra Equipment Requirements
  • Security Issues
  • Potentially Habit-Forming

Sextech can make personal satisfaction too convenient, threatening relationships without solid foundations. These devices can also become crutches for people who dislike self-improvement or medical treatments. Use teledildonics in moderation to stay safe.

The Hidden History

We haven’t always depended on technology to help us reach an orgasm. Back in the day, people used anything insertable to stimulate internal nerve endings. Historians unearthed thousands of dildos made from chalk, stone, and animal bone. And modern civilizations still create homemade fifis out of tube socks and vegetables.

Using tech to enhance sex isn’t a stretch of the imagination. Experts didn’t even learn about the G-spot until the turn of the century. Assuming we know enough about human sexuality to dismiss sextech is a grave mistake. Some folks still rely on Old Faithful to get things done, but many seek more advanced pleasures and increased connectivity instead.

The first teledildonic device appeared on the scene nearly three decades ago. Its introduction came with a book called Computer Lib/Dream Machines by Ted Nelson. In it, the author describes his predictions for the future of sex. He highlights sophisticated sex dolls and automatic masturbation machines as viable tools for connectivity. It seems as though he was onto something.

Teledildonics Today

Fast-forward to modern times, and witness a historic influx in sextech devices. People still use traditional static sex toys, but many find teledildonics more intriguing. About 10% of the modern population already owns a high-tech pleasure product. The other 90% needs to catch up quickly.

Several companies have developed DIY machines allowing users to tinker with the software or swap features. Some brands even offer artificial intelligence products to perform hedonistic tasks with a single button. You can train them, program various settings, and share them with a partner. Teledildonics creates a threesome that comes with zero strings attached.

Well-known brands such as LELO, Kiiroo, Fleshlight, and Lovense help pave the way for futuristic sex. Many of their products feature app-compatible interfaces for internet-connected intimacy and 3D porn. They also let you sync with similar devices for instant stimulation despite your location.

Sextech ushers in customizable rhythms, variable vibration modes, tailored speeds, and simulated body heat. The advanced models can offer more or less, depending on the manufacturing and design. Using tele-toys is a lot like having someone there with you even when you’re all alone.

DID YOU KNOW: You can buy devices that mimic your partner’s movements in real-time.

The Future of Teledildonic Devices & Technologies

As the sextech industry booms, consumers are left with specific questions about having orgasms with robots. They want to know what the risks are and how to avoid them. Most experts agree that moderation is essential, although modesty isn’t synonymous with high-tech sex. The future of teledildonic development is anyone’s guess.

Innovation and experimentation are inevitable with such a vast amount of wiggle room. Entrepreneurs entering the sextech space will likely make loads of cash. Some thought leaders make profound predictions regarding humankind’s future behaviors and preferences. A few go so far as to assume that physical toys will eventually become obsolete.

Future sex toys might include technologies that don’t require skin-to-skin contact for stimulation. Possible inventions could use internet-ready lubrication and stimulating implants. We already see a market for electrostimulation (e-stim) devices, app-controlled vibrators, and VR headsets. Combining those technologies to develop more satisfying sex toys is a no-brainer.

Futuristic pleasure devices will likely require more diligence on the user’s behalf. Learning how to enjoy them responsibly could involve never-before-seen skillsets and curious equipment. Keep your eyes on the top teledildonic device brands to stay ahead of the curve.

How to Use High-Tech Teledildonic Devices Safely

Using teledildonics means following a few steps that might sound unfamiliar to you. Syncing, updating, and registering teledildonic devices are new concepts for many people. These tasks could be frustrating for folks who want to rip open the box and immediately start satisfying their cravings. Many tele-dongs also need charging before you can play.

Sextech devices have features that require special attention and added time. You must also carefully maintain them to avoid injuries and damages. Begin by reading the owner’s manual for specific instructions. Then register the manufacturer’s warranty if you get one. The coverage will help you adjust to advanced tech without spoiling your appetite.

Ordinary people masturbate a few times per month, but teledildonics can inspire more frequent sessions. Try to track your use and monitor progress to prevent sex addiction. Then contact a doctor if you experience pain or problems quitting. You can also use the following checklist to ensure safe and satisfying play:

#1. Check the Charger

You need a solid connection to the power source, or your device won’t charge. USB and magnetic chargers are convenient but can slip off and cause delays. Check your battery life before starting to guarantee a successful finish.

DID YOU KNOW: You can plug in some teledildonic devices and use them while they charge.

#2. Use Lots of Lube

Lubrication can help protect your skin while enhancing your sensations. You can also choose fortified lubes with heating, cooling, or tingling properties. Pick lubricants compatible with your device, or else damage the materials and void your warranty.

DID YOU KNOW: You should only use water-based lube for silicone sex toys.

#3. Keep It Clean

Dirty devices can cause severe skin irritation, inflammation, and infection. The risks increase if you enjoy anal penetration or swap between butt stuff and vaginal play. Use antibacterial sex toy cleaner to stay safe. And always store your stuff away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

DID YOU KNOW: Some high-tech toys are fully submersible in water.

#4. Play as Directed

You might feel tempted to experiment with your sex toys, and that’s usually okay. However, high-tech devices are already integrated with flexible settings. You should use your products as instructed in the owner’s manual or buy accessories to enhance your experience.

DID YOU KNOW: You can void your manufacturer’s warranty if you tinker too much with your device.

#5. Enjoy with a Partner

Teledildonics is designed to inspire connections and kink. The average toy features multiple options for interactive play. Make the most of masturbation by inviting your lovers to join the fun. You can sync toys for simultaneous sex or experiment with sensations from mysterious locations.

DID YOU KNOW: Sextech helps bridge the gap between possible, plausible, and pleasurable.

Teledildonics Guide for Buyers

Investing in teledildonics may seem frivolous. However, economists project tremendous growth in sextech within the next few years. The industry is already worth billions of dollars, with new sex toy brands evolving daily. Soon, there will be fewer traditional models and more high-tech devices on the shelves.

Owning an original design will eventually become a status symbol and indication of you being ahead of the times. Buy early to avoid paying late prices. Then share your opinions with sex tech entrepreneurs and product developers to help create more acceptable models. You can even chip in on a crowdfunding campaign to become a supporter of the revolution.

In the meantime, learn how to shop for your first tele-toy. Discover the features to look for and avoid before spending any money. Many high-tech devices come with warranties from the manufacturer, but the coverage doesn’t include user negligence or negative opinions. You can’t get your money back just because you don’t like how a device feels.

What to Look For

Ready to invest in the future of sex? Prepare to spend more money than expected. Many devices require online memberships and spare equipment purchases. However, you can save some cash by choosing device combos and introductory packages.

Here is what else to look for when shopping teledildonics and sextech:

  • High-Quality Materials: Silicone, PVC, TPE, or hypoallergenic plastic
  • Ergonomic Designs: Compact forms, easy button placement, simple interfaces
  • Secure Connections: Dedicated content libraries, encrypted apps, password protection
  • Intuitive Controls: Rapid response times, realistic movements, synergy
  • Custom Features: Interchangeable sleeves, tailored textures, collections
  • Convenient Connections: Bluetooth, app compatibility, interactive websites
  • Easy Maintenance: Waterproofing, integrated charging, built-in storage
  • Balanced Construction: Lightweight form, pinpointed stimulation, non-slip grip

Also, look for unique packaging and excellent presentations to make gift-giving easier. Or buy coordinating sex toys so you can leisurely mix and match sensations or experiment without pausing.

What to Avoid

Afraid to jump the gun? Most manufacturers introduce new ideas without all their innovations intact. Some brands make consumers wait until the second or third-generation lineups to reveal the total package. Acting too soon can put you at risk of missing opportunities and deals.

Only spend money on the things you love. Here is what to avoid when buying teledildonic sex toys:

  • Low-Quality Materials: Latex, parabens, phthalates
  • Bulky Designs: Massive forms, cumbersome button placement, complex interfaces
  • Poor Connections: Open-source content libraries, questionable apps, easy database access
  • Awkward Controls: Slow response times, robotic movements, noisy motors
  • Standard Features: Attached sleeves, rudimentary textures, discontinued devices
  • Complex Maintenance: Disassembly, slow charging, lacking storage

Also, stay away from top-heavy or bottom-heavy devices. They can throw off your stroke or change the way the machine functions.


Sextech has come a long way since it was first introduced. The pipe dreams of product developers finally came to fruition through teledildonics. These long-distance devices help couples experience intense orgasms while fulfilling fantasies and enhancing their relationships. Skeptics can assume what they want, but consumers say otherwise.

The average person already enjoys interactive sex toys. They’ve been using touch-sensitive control pads and remote controls for years. Improving connectivity was always inevitable. So, introducing intuitive technologies into the bedroom helps promote intimacy despite the user’s location.

However, the future of sex is still uncertain. But teledildonics is here to stay. Responsible use of your playthings means more options for us all and fewer negative comments from the cynics.…

The term “sextech” probably stirs thoughts of lustful machines giving robotic blow jobs. But the marriage of sex and technology offers far more than the limited imagination allows. Most people think about dating sites, hookup apps, and sex dolls. However, they forget Bluetooth connectivity, virtual reality, and 3D porn content. And that’s just the beginning.

Meanwhile, most people struggle to satisfy insatiable urges without upsetting the social fabric. They’re restricted by outdated stigmas regarding relationships, intimacy, and orgasms. Until recently, doctors didn’t even believe women could reach climax during intercourse. We’ve come a long way, and our sextech innovations prove it.

Folks talk a lot of smack about robots ruining intimacy and cheapening the human experience. Yet, so far, we see the opposite effect. Studies show that our species enjoys sexuality on a broad spectrum encompassing multifaceted pleasures. We like everything from teasing and masturbation to bondage and roleplaying. Sextech helps us achieve higher levels of physical bliss without fudging our mental wiring.

Authoritative publications like Forbes, New York Times, and Vogue have discussed sex technologies for years. Sexy innovations also appear on Netflix, The Today Show, and VICE. Each source provides a unique perspective on the impact of sextech on intimacy. Some call it a blessing, and others call it a curse. Now, it’s time for you to decide.

The Sex Tech Revolution

We can all agree that techie sex is here, and it’s not going anywhere. Thought leaders created a website called Future of Sex back in 2016. It pioneers sex-positive attitudes surrounding technology and pleasure alternatives with a focus on tech integration.

The site offers a vast library of media, labs, education, and events for curious minds. They’re also working on birthing the next generation of erotic entrepreneurs to develop more intuitive products. For many, sextech ushers in a ready revolution rather than repulsion.

Meanwhile, the sextech revolution is made manifest through an acceptance of complex human behaviors. It’s common for people to crave more than their partners can give without wanting to break up or cheat. Sex toys and intimate technologies can help couples fulfill forbidden fantasies without destroying relationship boundaries. Nothing like this has happened since the invention of the first vibrator.

DID YOU KNOW: People once had to get vibrating sex devices from their family doctors through prescription because simple pleasures were considered taboo.

Understanding Intimacy

Skeptics must consider historical beliefs about intimacy before banishing the sextech concept. They should also question whether their concerns are valid or developed through conditioned response. Like the prescription-grade dildos that came before us, these advanced sex toys represent a new age of sexual freedom.

Intimacy is a term that many people confuse with love and affection. However, genuine intimacy involves a deeper connection between two individuals. It implies an understanding of sorts and is not always about sex. Couples can still enjoy an intimate relationship while playing with sophisticated devices. Some might argue that those gadgets help strengthen the bonds between lovers.

People experience meaningful connections through intellect, emotions, and compatibility. However, the modern world isn’t always ready for the creativity and compulsions that come with genuine intimacy. Once skeptics stop associating sextech with dark web pornography and gluttonous masturbation, we can finally have a mature discussion.

Couples who use technology to assist their libidos aren’t strange or deviant. They’re merely curious about healthy sexual appetites. According to many relationship therapists, advanced sex machines can help lovers discover the secrets of each other’s bodies. The devices can also remove some of the shame associated with wanting more.

FACT: Intimacy is often clouded by unfair expectations, dogmas, and physical limitations.

Weaving Sex Technology into the Bedroom

Bringing a sex robot or pleasure machine into your relationship can be tricky despite public advocacy. Many people feel these autonomous devices threaten their relationships or replace natural acts with unnatural bliss. Yet, the answer involves maintaining a balance between overstimulation and underwhelming sessions.

People who desire intense sensations or stimulation outside the norm can benefit from sextech. However, there is plenty of room for folks who prefer more vanilla experiences. The best part about having sex with robots is that you can customize each approach to suit your circumstances. We’re still trying to figure out how to do that with live partners.

Some lovers just need more information before feeling comfortable about integrating sextech. They require a reminder about stamina issues, gender-specific orgasm timing, and sex frequency in healthy relationships. For example, most women need at least 20 minutes to reach climax. However, men only need about five minutes.

Tech can help bridge the gap in your fap life without upsetting the wife. It can also encourage more gratifying interactions between bored partners and long-distance couples. Everyone has a different reason for wanting to bring technology into bed. Here are the 10 most common excuses:

  • Increased Sexual Satisfaction
  • Intensified Orgasms
  • Safe Body Exploration
  • Boosted Creativity
  • Enhanced Range of Motion
  • Fantasy Fulfillment
  • Edging & Endurance Training
  • Interactive Sex
  • Tailored Pleasure
  • Convenience
  • Sextech consists of more than USB-powered sex toys with LED lights and automatic mechanisms. Integrating these devices into your routine means understanding the various innovations at your disposal. One cannot dismiss tech-in-bed before exploring the features firsthand.

The Benefits of Sex Tech

  • There are several sextech benefits to consider before writing off the concept. Most good things in life come with a few risks to reach the reward. Society has junk food everywhere, but people don’t automatically flock to it unless they crave a treat. The same can be said about sex robots and AI pleasures.
  • Some of the advantages might surprise you. Meanwhile, this isn’t even an exhaustive list. The following are only the most evident pros of advanced sex machines:

#1. Unique Employment Opportunities

  • The virtual reality databases are chock-full of empowered women and men making a living wage with secure pornography. People who didn’t have a voice in the industry for decades are suddenly getting paid to mold their genitals for collectors. Their molds are usually compatible with specific machines to encourage mindful masturbation and enhance group sex.
  • Meanwhile, sextech developers make tremendous money creating new products for horny consumers. Many launch lucrative crowdfunding campaigns to pay for improvements and innovations. Brands like Autoblow began with support from intrigued men and women who wanted to see how technology could revolutionize sex. The world’s first blowjob machine with artificial intelligence was the result.
  • DID YOU KNOW: Startup investors predict the global sex industry to reach over $122 billion by 2024.

#2. Intuitive Product Development

  • It might be surprising to learn that men aren’t at the forefront of sextech. This riveting revolution features women at the helm of research and development. Female entrepreneurs use shared values and expectations to design devices and services for themselves. They create products for their bodies, teaching male counterparts new techniques while satisfying unmet needs.
  • Exciting woman-owned sex toy brands are popping up everywhere. Many of them also challenge the status quo surrounding the female orgasm. Their work flies in the face of existing stigmas to eliminate shame and promote self-love. If you’re worried about sex robots ruining the human psyche, you’re likely looking in the wrong direction.
  • DID YOU KNOW: Many sextech companies have devices for men, women, and couples.

#3. More Impactful Sex Education

  • We often learn everything we know about sex from peers, parents, or porn. However, we seldom get a chance to ask questions or clarify our concerns. Sexual technologies bring a new level of personalization to erotic experiences, giving us a refreshed view of intimacy. Many machines can also serve as educational tools for teens and self-conscious adults.
  • Few people receive the tools to create or maintain a healthy sex life. They can struggle to achieve lasting bonds with lovers because they’re unaware of mattress etiquette. Sextech can offer powerful insights into typical bedroom behaviors while providing the space for controlled exploration and experimentation. For instance, technologies for sex are perfect for people who don’t identify as hetero or binary.
  • DID YOU KNOW: Some higher learning institutions use realistic, interactive 3D renderings to teach anatomy.

The Disadvantages of Sextech

  • Not all technological advances are positive. Look at cell phones as an example. Misuse of convenient communications can cause dangerous accidents, mental illness, and addiction. Sextech devices are no exception because moderation is critical regardless of the topic. Responsible play is a must.
  • There are a few disadvantages to using high-tech sex toys for personal pleasure or partner play. For one, you could develop unrealistic expectations about orgasm intensity and intimacy. However, that’s not an effect of poorly made products. Impractical hopes originate in the beholder’s mind, not in the beheld.
  • Still, reasonable people should consider the pros and cons before bringing tech into the bedroom. You must understand the risks to value the rewards. So, here is what you need to know:

#1. Few Industry Regulations

  • The sextech industry lacks the ethics committees required to regulate content and product development. You can see this in the prevalence of revenge porn and non-consensual performances. Some techies even share illegal images, videos, and soundbites in many states. So far, nobody has developed an idea to eliminate this risk.
  • DID YOU KNOW: Some advocacy groups like COYOTE and Outrageous Women are trying to ban XXX content across the board.

#2. Risk of Dependency

  • People can get addicted to everything from coffee and cigarettes to cake and pornography. There will always be a subset of individuals prone to dependency on convenience. However, folks probably won’t give up their desire for human connection. So, while some people might get hooked on sexy tech, most sex addicts will likely use it to cheat the system.
  • DID YOU KNOW: The best AI sex toys still can’t replicate intuition, imagination, or spontaneity.

#3. Unpredictable Outcomes

  • Determining how things will play out can be challenging since we’ve never had sextech before. Skeptics can assume whatever they want, but only time will tell. The outcomes are still anyone’s guess, so consumers are technically experimenting with little data to protect their best interests. Some groups might need more information before deciding either way.
  • DID YOU KNOW: Many manufacturers develop advanced products after hours of intense scientific research.

Spinning the Wheel of SexTech

  • This is just the beginning of the sexual revolution upon us. The disadvantages provide valuable insights on improving product designs and encouraging responsible behaviors. As with anything new, there is always a learning curve to navigate. We must spin the wheel of sextech to determine its place in our society.
  • Immediately dismissing the concept of advanced machines delivering pleasure is foolish. We cannot quantify the quality without letting time conduct its test. Humanity must remain open to the idea, lest we fall back into needing prescriptions for simple dildos.
  • Sexual technologies can be exciting for some people and terrifying for others. Meanwhile, the advanced toy industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Global sales increased by nearly 30% in the last few years. People are suddenly branching out in the bedroom to purchase products they never would have before. Perhaps word has gotten out about how tech takes lovemaking to an entirely new level.
  • Advocates for sextech remain optimistic that the global conversation will shift to something more inclusive. They also hope for more intuitive inventions in the coming decades. Technological advancements can make our lives easier by reducing waste and replacing it with meaningful experiences. Some of us just need to be brave enough to embrace the change.

The Verdict

  • Sextech ushers in a revolutionary way of enjoying foreplay, masturbation, and intercourse. It involves intuitive software and ergonomic machinery, spine-tingling performance modes, and customizable features. The applications are practically endless, with virtual reality, Bluetooth connectivity, and interaction content libraries.
  • Some skeptics fear these conveniences will destroy human intimacy and create unhealthy habits. However, our society already has multiple vices on tap. Responsible use is essential, but some will always play outside the lines. Sexually adventurous adults shouldn’t face limitations because of the actions of the few.
  • Many sextech innovations help bridge the gap in long-distance relationships. They teach new techniques and fulfill fantasies without upsetting the social fabric. Most machines also feature user-friendly programming to encourage interactions and help straighten the learning curve.
  • There will likely always be people on both sides of the equation. Some will advocate for technological advancements, while others will continue to fear the potential repercussions. Is sextech a revolution or a repulsion? You decide.