The Sextech Revolution or Revulsion: You Decide

The term “sextech” probably stirs thoughts of lustful machines giving robotic blow jobs. But the marriage of sex and technology offers far more than the limited imagination allows. Most people think about dating sites, hookup apps, and sex dolls. However, they forget Bluetooth connectivity, virtual reality, and 3D porn content. And that’s just the beginning.

Meanwhile, most people struggle to satisfy insatiable urges without upsetting the social fabric. They’re restricted by outdated stigmas regarding relationships, intimacy, and orgasms. Until recently, doctors didn’t even believe women could reach climax during intercourse. We’ve come a long way, and our sextech innovations prove it.

Folks talk a lot of smack about robots ruining intimacy and cheapening the human experience. Yet, so far, we see the opposite effect. Studies show that our species enjoys sexuality on a broad spectrum encompassing multifaceted pleasures. We like everything from teasing and masturbation to bondage and roleplaying. Sextech helps us achieve higher levels of physical bliss without fudging our mental wiring.

Authoritative publications like Forbes, New York Times, and Vogue have discussed sex technologies for years. Sexy innovations also appear on Netflix, The Today Show, and VICE. Each source provides a unique perspective on the impact of sextech on intimacy. Some call it a blessing, and others call it a curse. Now, it’s time for you to decide.

The Sex Tech Revolution

We can all agree that techie sex is here, and it’s not going anywhere. Thought leaders created a website called Future of Sex back in 2016. It pioneers sex-positive attitudes surrounding technology and pleasure alternatives with a focus on tech integration.

The site offers a vast library of media, labs, education, and events for curious minds. They’re also working on birthing the next generation of erotic entrepreneurs to develop more intuitive products. For many, sextech ushers in a ready revolution rather than repulsion.

Meanwhile, the sextech revolution is made manifest through an acceptance of complex human behaviors. It’s common for people to crave more than their partners can give without wanting to break up or cheat. Sex toys and intimate technologies can help couples fulfill forbidden fantasies without destroying relationship boundaries. Nothing like this has happened since the invention of the first vibrator.

DID YOU KNOW: People once had to get vibrating sex devices from their family doctors through prescription because simple pleasures were considered taboo.

Understanding Intimacy

Skeptics must consider historical beliefs about intimacy before banishing the sextech concept. They should also question whether their concerns are valid or developed through conditioned response. Like the prescription-grade dildos that came before us, these advanced sex toys represent a new age of sexual freedom.

Intimacy is a term that many people confuse with love and affection. However, genuine intimacy involves a deeper connection between two individuals. It implies an understanding of sorts and is not always about sex. Couples can still enjoy an intimate relationship while playing with sophisticated devices. Some might argue that those gadgets help strengthen the bonds between lovers.

People experience meaningful connections through intellect, emotions, and compatibility. However, the modern world isn’t always ready for the creativity and compulsions that come with genuine intimacy. Once skeptics stop associating sextech with dark web pornography and gluttonous masturbation, we can finally have a mature discussion.

Couples who use technology to assist their libidos aren’t strange or deviant. They’re merely curious about healthy sexual appetites. According to many relationship therapists, advanced sex machines can help lovers discover the secrets of each other’s bodies. The devices can also remove some of the shame associated with wanting more.

FACT: Intimacy is often clouded by unfair expectations, dogmas, and physical limitations.

Weaving Sex Technology into the Bedroom

Bringing a sex robot or pleasure machine into your relationship can be tricky despite public advocacy. Many people feel these autonomous devices threaten their relationships or replace natural acts with unnatural bliss. Yet, the answer involves maintaining a balance between overstimulation and underwhelming sessions.

People who desire intense sensations or stimulation outside the norm can benefit from sextech. However, there is plenty of room for folks who prefer more vanilla experiences. The best part about having sex with robots is that you can customize each approach to suit your circumstances. We’re still trying to figure out how to do that with live partners.

Some lovers just need more information before feeling comfortable about integrating sextech. They require a reminder about stamina issues, gender-specific orgasm timing, and sex frequency in healthy relationships. For example, most women need at least 20 minutes to reach climax. However, men only need about five minutes.

Tech can help bridge the gap in your fap life without upsetting the wife. It can also encourage more gratifying interactions between bored partners and long-distance couples. Everyone has a different reason for wanting to bring technology into bed. Here are the 10 most common excuses:

  • Increased Sexual Satisfaction
  • Intensified Orgasms
  • Safe Body Exploration
  • Boosted Creativity
  • Enhanced Range of Motion
  • Fantasy Fulfillment
  • Edging & Endurance Training
  • Interactive Sex
  • Tailored Pleasure
  • Convenience
  • Sextech consists of more than USB-powered sex toys with LED lights and automatic mechanisms. Integrating these devices into your routine means understanding the various innovations at your disposal. One cannot dismiss tech-in-bed before exploring the features firsthand.

The Benefits of Sex Tech

  • There are several sextech benefits to consider before writing off the concept. Most good things in life come with a few risks to reach the reward. Society has junk food everywhere, but people don’t automatically flock to it unless they crave a treat. The same can be said about sex robots and AI pleasures.
  • Some of the advantages might surprise you. Meanwhile, this isn’t even an exhaustive list. The following are only the most evident pros of advanced sex machines:

#1. Unique Employment Opportunities

  • The virtual reality databases are chock-full of empowered women and men making a living wage with secure pornography. People who didn’t have a voice in the industry for decades are suddenly getting paid to mold their genitals for collectors. Their molds are usually compatible with specific machines to encourage mindful masturbation and enhance group sex.
  • Meanwhile, sextech developers make tremendous money creating new products for horny consumers. Many launch lucrative crowdfunding campaigns to pay for improvements and innovations. Brands like Autoblow began with support from intrigued men and women who wanted to see how technology could revolutionize sex. The world’s first blowjob machine with artificial intelligence was the result.
  • DID YOU KNOW: Startup investors predict the global sex industry to reach over $122 billion by 2024.

#2. Intuitive Product Development

  • It might be surprising to learn that men aren’t at the forefront of sextech. This riveting revolution features women at the helm of research and development. Female entrepreneurs use shared values and expectations to design devices and services for themselves. They create products for their bodies, teaching male counterparts new techniques while satisfying unmet needs.
  • Exciting woman-owned sex toy brands are popping up everywhere. Many of them also challenge the status quo surrounding the female orgasm. Their work flies in the face of existing stigmas to eliminate shame and promote self-love. If you’re worried about sex robots ruining the human psyche, you’re likely looking in the wrong direction.
  • DID YOU KNOW: Many sextech companies have devices for men, women, and couples.

#3. More Impactful Sex Education

  • We often learn everything we know about sex from peers, parents, or porn. However, we seldom get a chance to ask questions or clarify our concerns. Sexual technologies bring a new level of personalization to erotic experiences, giving us a refreshed view of intimacy. Many machines can also serve as educational tools for teens and self-conscious adults.
  • Few people receive the tools to create or maintain a healthy sex life. They can struggle to achieve lasting bonds with lovers because they’re unaware of mattress etiquette. Sextech can offer powerful insights into typical bedroom behaviors while providing the space for controlled exploration and experimentation. For instance, technologies for sex are perfect for people who don’t identify as hetero or binary.
  • DID YOU KNOW: Some higher learning institutions use realistic, interactive 3D renderings to teach anatomy.

The Disadvantages of Sextech

  • Not all technological advances are positive. Look at cell phones as an example. Misuse of convenient communications can cause dangerous accidents, mental illness, and addiction. Sextech devices are no exception because moderation is critical regardless of the topic. Responsible play is a must.
  • There are a few disadvantages to using high-tech sex toys for personal pleasure or partner play. For one, you could develop unrealistic expectations about orgasm intensity and intimacy. However, that’s not an effect of poorly made products. Impractical hopes originate in the beholder’s mind, not in the beheld.
  • Still, reasonable people should consider the pros and cons before bringing tech into the bedroom. You must understand the risks to value the rewards. So, here is what you need to know:

#1. Few Industry Regulations

  • The sextech industry lacks the ethics committees required to regulate content and product development. You can see this in the prevalence of revenge porn and non-consensual performances. Some techies even share illegal images, videos, and soundbites in many states. So far, nobody has developed an idea to eliminate this risk.
  • DID YOU KNOW: Some advocacy groups like COYOTE and Outrageous Women are trying to ban XXX content across the board.

#2. Risk of Dependency

  • People can get addicted to everything from coffee and cigarettes to cake and pornography. There will always be a subset of individuals prone to dependency on convenience. However, folks probably won’t give up their desire for human connection. So, while some people might get hooked on sexy tech, most sex addicts will likely use it to cheat the system.
  • DID YOU KNOW: The best AI sex toys still can’t replicate intuition, imagination, or spontaneity.

#3. Unpredictable Outcomes

  • Determining how things will play out can be challenging since we’ve never had sextech before. Skeptics can assume whatever they want, but only time will tell. The outcomes are still anyone’s guess, so consumers are technically experimenting with little data to protect their best interests. Some groups might need more information before deciding either way.
  • DID YOU KNOW: Many manufacturers develop advanced products after hours of intense scientific research.

Spinning the Wheel of SexTech

  • This is just the beginning of the sexual revolution upon us. The disadvantages provide valuable insights on improving product designs and encouraging responsible behaviors. As with anything new, there is always a learning curve to navigate. We must spin the wheel of sextech to determine its place in our society.
  • Immediately dismissing the concept of advanced machines delivering pleasure is foolish. We cannot quantify the quality without letting time conduct its test. Humanity must remain open to the idea, lest we fall back into needing prescriptions for simple dildos.
  • Sexual technologies can be exciting for some people and terrifying for others. Meanwhile, the advanced toy industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Global sales increased by nearly 30% in the last few years. People are suddenly branching out in the bedroom to purchase products they never would have before. Perhaps word has gotten out about how tech takes lovemaking to an entirely new level.
  • Advocates for sextech remain optimistic that the global conversation will shift to something more inclusive. They also hope for more intuitive inventions in the coming decades. Technological advancements can make our lives easier by reducing waste and replacing it with meaningful experiences. Some of us just need to be brave enough to embrace the change.

The Verdict

  • Sextech ushers in a revolutionary way of enjoying foreplay, masturbation, and intercourse. It involves intuitive software and ergonomic machinery, spine-tingling performance modes, and customizable features. The applications are practically endless, with virtual reality, Bluetooth connectivity, and interaction content libraries.
  • Some skeptics fear these conveniences will destroy human intimacy and create unhealthy habits. However, our society already has multiple vices on tap. Responsible use is essential, but some will always play outside the lines. Sexually adventurous adults shouldn’t face limitations because of the actions of the few.
  • Many sextech innovations help bridge the gap in long-distance relationships. They teach new techniques and fulfill fantasies without upsetting the social fabric. Most machines also feature user-friendly programming to encourage interactions and help straighten the learning curve.
  • There will likely always be people on both sides of the equation. Some will advocate for technological advancements, while others will continue to fear the potential repercussions. Is sextech a revolution or a repulsion? You decide.

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