Mikhail Tank


Mikhail Tank is an author of esoteric texts and radio host on KPFK’s Jungian-based psychology/art show, ‘Archetypal Mosaic’. Most recently, he presented an original topic titled ‘Intersex as a Transcendent Function’ at the Art and Psyche conference in Sicily, Italy. In attendance were Jung’s family and historian. Tank’s interest in sexual robotics as a way of alleviating loneliness in some people’s lives, as well as confidence and multi-level pleasure, had brought him to this conference as a keynote speaker to discuss the future of robotic sex and it’s emotional, archetypal, and unconscious value.

Tank is an award-winning entrepreneur (Score LA) and has been awarded creative commendations by the cities of Los Angeles & West Hollywood. Please see the recent Kindle short story, “Robo-jealousy”, and his website SexRobotExpert.com for additional information.