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Keynote Speech


Can Robots and Humans Make Babies Together?

Speaker: Dr David Levy


Accepted Papers

SSML for Sex Robots.
Oliver Bendel, School of Business FHNW
Disrupting Pygmalion? Trans sex dolls beyond the gender binary.
Maria João  Faustino, ICS-ULISBOA
Being Riajuu. A phenomenological analysis of sentimental relationships with “digital others”.
Nicola Liberati, University of Twente
The influence of body proportions on  perceived gender of robots in Latin America.
Gabriele Trovato, Waseda University; Cesar Lucho, PUCP; Friederike Eyssel, Bielefeld University; Jasmin Bernotat, Bielefeld University
Virtual Sex: Good, Bad or Ugly?
Hoshang Kolivand, Liverpool John Moores University; Abdoulvahab  Ehsani Rad, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Shahrood Branch, Islamic Azad University, Iran
Posthuman desire in robotics and science fiction.
Sophie Wennerscheid, Ghent University
Lying cheating robots – robots and infidelity.
Rebekah Rousi, University of Jyväskylä
The Next Evolution: The Constitutive Human-Doll Relationship as Companion Species.
Deborah Blizzard, Rochester Institute of Technology
Neurodildo: A Mind-Controlled Sex Toy with E-stim Feedback for People with Disabilities.
Leonardo Gomes, University of Sao Paulo; Rita Wu, University of Sao Paulo
Pepper in Taiwanese News Media: Exploring Pepper’s Images and Discourses News Media Make.
Kuan-Hung Lo, Virginia Tech
Sex Machines of Substitution. Who needs to look human.
Nicole Duller, Alpen-Adria-University Austria; Joan Rodriguez-Amat, Sheffield Hallam University
Sexbots: Biomimetics, Biohybrids and Ethicaland Legal Constraints on Customisation.
Robin Mackenzie, University of Kent
Dolores and Robot Sex: Fragments of Non-Anthropocentric Ethics.
Thomas Beschorner, University of St. Gallen; Florian Krause, University of St. Gallen
Virtual X.
Marta Giralt, Material Futures
Female Robots as “The Perfect Woman”.
Julie Wosk, State University of New York, Maritime College
Reflections on the Moral Challenges Posed by a Child Sex Robot.
Marc Behrendt, ULB University, Brussels, Belgium