LSR are extremely excited to announce that our event this year will be sponsored by Kiiroo, a leader of sex-technology currently based in the heart of Amsterdam. Kiiroo have been established since 2002 and are currently leading the way in teledildonic technology through their range of products. As well as their own exclusive products, Kiiroo have also collaborated with both FleshLight and OhMiBod in their commercial ventures, who are both respectable leaders in the sex-toy market. Not only are we keen to promote the technological superiority and trajectory that Kiiroo has so far encompassed, we are also seeking to promote the conceptual characteristics of sex-technology that can be derived from their own technologies, such as universal intimacy, remote touch, remote connections and long-distance love. Toon Timmermans, the CEO of Kiiroo and FeelRobotics, has spoke about the virtual intimacy and future of intimacy in two engaging TedxTalks series.

As well as making serious headlines in the sex-tech and sex-toy market, Kiiroo have featured at the ROBOLOVE exhibition in 2018, which took place in Eindhoven, Holland. Through audio and visual footage, they demonstrated the useful features derived from haptic technology and the positive benefits of sex-technology. This year LSR would like to focus on sex-technology in order to exemplify how the technology shaping our intimate sexual interactions is changing at a rapid pace. The LSR are highly supportive of the trajectory that Kiiroo is currently following and believes the sex-technology they are developing may offer a whole host of positive benefits to wider society. As it stands, Kiiroo are the leaders in interactive sex toys. Therefore, they are the perfect company to help LSR highlight the conceptual issues around the future of sex-technology, as well forecasting the benefits of sex-technology for wider society. For more information about Kiiroo, please feel free to visit their website.