Information about Brussels and the ULB University – ブリュッセルとブリュッセル自由大学について

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Brussels is Belgium’s federal capital and capital of the European Union. It also hosts international institutions such as the NATO headquarters.

Although Brussels is a relatively small city, with roughly one million inhabitants, it can pride itself on having all the characteristics of an international city. It is a major European transportation hub. It is a bustling and vibrant town, with friendly locals, excellent food, world-class restaurants and an intense cultural life.

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts, hosts paintings of Flemish and Dutch masters, and the Magritte Museum is devoted to the iconic Belgian painter René Magritte. Beautiful architecture is also a distinctive feature of some parts of the city. The landmark Grand-Place can be admired in the center and scattered throughout the city, luxurious Art Nouveau and Art Deco style houses are to be seen.

Brussels is bilingual, with French and Dutch (also known as Flemish) as the two official languages. English is widely spoken and understood.

Belgium is a liberal democracy and one of the most tolerant countries in Europe. For example, it is the second country in the world which has legalised same-sex marriage in 2003, with widespread support of the population.

Since its founding in 1834, the Université Libre de Bruxelles, has always been committed to free speech and free exchange of ideas. It is one of the leading French-speaking institutions of higher learning in the world and prides itself of being the alma mater of four Nobel prizes.